Custom Dentures

Conventional Dentures definitely provide a great smile with a natural appearance, but they can also create a host of problems later over time. The can cause sore spots in the mouth, difficulty with speech, shifting and “clicking.” Ill-fitting conventional dentures can cause bone loss, digestive problems, and lack of nutrition due to patients not being able to chew their food properly.

If you wear conventional dentures and have had these problems, the solution is Custom Dentures. Custom Dentures are prosthodontic dentures specifically created to balance a patient’s bite and accommodate for the loss of bone and gum tissue.

The key to achieving this precision fit is a multi-step process that shapes the dentures to your mouth over time, rather than just taking a single impression while sitting in the dentist’s chair. You will be an important part of the process, wearing the trial dentures and providing Dr. Loden with feedback as he fine-tunes your custom dentures to the interior of your mouth. Custom Dentures capture a copy of the patient’s mouth while they are chewing and speaking with great accuracy. This allows for a precision fit this is more comfortable for the patient. With Custom Dentures, bone deterioration, speech difficulties, gum shrinkage, loose fitting, and even that annoying “clicking” sound all become a non-issue.

The placement process begins with custom-positioning the artificial teeth for optimal aesthetics and function. Then, patients wear their training dentures that mimic the look and feel of their final dentures. When you are satisfied that the fit is exact, Dr. Loden will then customize your permanent Custom Dentures. Hand-crafted and custom made, your Custom Dentures will be as durable as they are aesthetically perfect. You can expect them to last many years to come.