I enjoyed meeting Maredith, Dr. Loden, and Jaimie. I was very impressed with sitting down and discussing the office and our expectations together as far as my dental health. Megan had already explained that your office was not like any other dental office and I certainly agree. You be far exceeded my high expectations. I have never enjoyed going to a dentist until yesterday. I was actually excited about my visit and look forward to my next appointment in six months. I feel your practice should be the module that every other dental office (or general practice for that matter) should strive to be. Jaimie was very personable and also very good at her job. She always made sure I was comfortable and understood what she was doing doing the whole process. She did a great job of explaining what she was doing and why your office does these steps and procedures to make sure that i am receiving the best dental care possible. Thank you for accepting my family as new patients!
B. Busch

Dr. Mike

Just want you to know how lucky I feel to have you as my dentist.

You are truly gifted in your chosen profession – phenomenal clinical skills and gold standard results. Your vision for my broken mouth is now my REALITY! Thank you seems so small in comparison to what you have done for me. Please pass on to Megan that I deem her to be an extraordinary dental assistant – great touch, knowledge and chair side presence. Maredith is the pace car for professionalism. She handled details and potential problems often before I knew they even existed. The Front Office Staff is efficient, welcoming and empathic -qualities lacking in so many practices.

You have my heart felt gratitude.

Karen Ennis

Dr. Loden,

Thank you and your staff for correcting and providing excellent dental care the past two years. I had no problems and enjoy a full set of teeth. Well done. Thank you.


R. Kesler

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best, selecting a tooth implant as a tooth replacement option was a 15!


When the need for looking for a tooth replacement option, I would propose that there is only one option that makes sense both physically and financially. That option is a tooth implant. One may as why select a tooth implant as an option. The answer lies in the research.

I thoroughly researched all available options. The results of my research indicated that all other options will ultimately cause one or more of the following items to occur:

1. Damage to other teeth.

2. Cost more in the long run.

3. Will not last as long.

Based on the results of my research, I selected a tooth implant as my tooth replacement option. Seven years later, I am still very happy with my decision. The implant feels just like a normal tooth in almost all aspects except for one, STRENGTH. The implant tooth actually feels stronger and more solid that a normal tooth (this is probably because the implant tooth is anchored to the jawbone.) In summary, I believe an implant is the best tooth replacement option currently available.


Dear Dr. Mike,

I want to let you know that I am very happy to be one of your patients.  I am truly blessed to have an awesome dentist that is genuinely concerned about my oral health and how it affects my overall health.  You are the first dentist that I have seen that makes it a point to explain all of my treatment options in non-dental talk.  This shows you genuinely care and want to engage me (and all of your patients) in making the best health care decision that is right for me (them).

In the past I have always dreaded having any procedure done where numbing was required.  You have made the numbing process something that is not to be feared.  I know it is because you take time to slowly administer the anesthesia so that pain is reduced.  I no longer worry about whether or not the procedure will require numbing.

When the opportunity came for me to try orthodontia again, you actually made a point of discussing with my orthodontist what procedures had been done to address my dental issues.  When the orthodontists’ new patient coordinator told me that both of you would be meeting to discuss my case, I was blown away.  My previous dentist referred me to an orthodontist but never talked with him.  I know that my orthodontic treatment will be a success this time because of the difference in the way you approach the care of your dental patients.

I would also like to let you know that each visit in your office is “enjoyable” as your staff is always courteous and friendly.  Your dental hygienist is one of the few hygienists that clean my teeth so well that they truly feel clean and she does so without causing any pain.  Your dental assistants are also friendly and do all they can to make sure procedures run smoothly.  In my opinion, there is only one word that describes you and your staff – Commitment.  Everyone is committed to making a positive impact on the health of each individual that walks through your office doors.

I am proud to refer all of my friends and new co-workers to your office as I know you and your team will make them feel relaxed and cared for.

God Bless! – Brenda Petty

As an active duty service member in the United States Air Force, it is of the upmost importance that I am able to deploy when needed so medical and dental visits have to be taken care of immediately.  I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Loden and his staff before such a deployment, for a dental visit.  Dr. Loden made me a crown, for my implant, that looks just like my natural tooth.  he took the time to explain my treatment plan to me, step by step, along the way.  Needless to say, I am very pleased with his work.  I would recommend Dr. Loden as a dentist to anyone who wants quality work and professional results, in a comfortable environment.

Thanks for Everything.

SSgt Selvidio

Instructor, CST, 330 CTS/DOT

Dr. Loden,

Today I had the pleasure of sitting on the “other side” of the chair as I experienced becoming a patient in your practice.  I must say that I actually enjoyed my visit.  Serving others for 29 years in the dental field never took away the reluctance of “getting in the chair!”  You and your staff certainly made my appointment a very enjoyable and educational visit.  From the time I arrived, your staff made sure I understood what I was to expect and they carried out their jobs with absolute professionalism.

I am confident in knowing that I have placed my dental healthcare in such a great staff and dentist.  Of course, I knew that I could expect nothing less than the best of care!  It also is great knowing that my MGTC dental assisting students are able to observe how a real professional office should function.

Thanks for everything!  Best Regards! – Debbie Wren, CDA, EFDA

It became apparent to me about three years ago, that I needed several major dental procedures.  Dr. Michael Loden was highly recommended to me.  I discovered he is a caring and dedicated professional, and an excellent dentist.  In the past, I have seen many dentists, but since seeing Dr. Loden, my search is over.  He is simply the best!

-Annis Clement